Transition Aftercare Services

It is the mission and goal of Children’s Home of Stockton to provide a means for youth in our program to successfully transition back to a safe living environment which can include reunification, or in some cases transitioning into independent living or a transition housing program. It is our goal to have our youth leave and transition back into the community as young adults and to have the necessary knowledge, skills and support to do so.

When a student first enters the program, the Transition Aftercare team, which includes the Transition Aftercare Coordinator and Substance Abuse Counselor/Transition Aftercare Specialist, work alongside the Residential Clinician and Child and Family Team to overcome barriers of reunification, to complete individual treatment goals, establish long-term permanency goals, and to assess the strengths and needs of the youth and their family.

Services that are provided include an evidence-based substance abuse prevention and education and program, developing transition age living skills through group and individual work, connecting youth to local resources in our community such as organizations that provide workshops on budgeting and money management for young adults, hosting job/career readiness workshops for our youth, public and private mental health services as needed to supplement the Specialty Mental Health Services provided by the Children’s Home of Stockton, community-based programs for more serious substance use disorders, Transitional Age Youth services to assist with transition planning and housing, the local support for our LGBTQ youth, assisting the youth obtaining a California DMV I.D., maintaining important documents such as Social Security Cards, medical history, medical insurance, etc.

As the date for a youth’s completion of their program approaches, the Transition Aftercare Team will begin working with the Child and Family Team to address aftercare needs. These may include but are not limited to arranging for community-based mental and substance use counseling, location of housing, assisting with employment, enrollment in post-secondary academic/trade schools, applying for financial aid, academic scholarships, applying to Transitional Housing, and Emancipation grants through CHS for those emancipating and unable to return home.

Children’s Home of Stockton provides enhanced Transition Aftercare services for students and their families for up to six months after successfully completing the program.

We collaborate with community partners including local colleges, community based and county operated substance use disorder programs, Women’s Center -Youth & Families Services, Child Abuse Prevention Council, San Joaquin Human Trafficking Task Force, Aspiranet, Environmental Alternatives, Parents by Choice, and San Joaquin Pride Center.

For further information on any of these services, please contact our Youth Services Director, Lisa Jordan, at (209) 395‐3551.