Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS)

CHS became San Joaquin County’s first and only STRTP in August 2018 and received our Mental Health Approval in January 2019 from the Department of Health Care Services and San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services. As a Medi-Cal certified provider of Specialty Mental Health Services, we now administer needed services to those with mental illness or emotional/behavioral challenges via therapy, medication management, and intervention. This includes providing them with referrals to continued services after they leave our care and making sure they have the foundation needed to succeed. Having a vital connection to a trusted support system of care makes all difference in a person’s success as the transition back into society.

These services include an initial assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention services, medication support and management, intensive care coordination, in-home based services (where appropriate), mental-health rehabilitative services, collateral therapy, family therapy and targeted case management.

For further information on any of these services, please contact our Clinical Director/Head of Service, Katelyn Wells, at kwells@chsstk.org.