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Tom’s Success Story

Tom was sixteen years old when he was placed at the Children’s Home of Stockton. Prior to entering his placement here with us he was faced with multiple challenges throughout his life. When he was a child his mother became addicted to drugs, which forced Tom and his brother to grow up very quickly and learn how to care for themselves. Fortunately, Tom’s father realized that having his two young sons live in such a toxic environment with their mother was harming their opportunity to grow up as normal children. Their parents soon divorced, which was a very difficult process for Tom, and both he and his brother went to live with their father. As the boys began to get a little older, Tom’s father decided to remarry and introduced them to their new stepmother, causing Tom to be excited to finally have a completed family. Things quickly changed when Tom’s stepmother began severely abusing and neglecting him. Tom was forced to be resilient and remain in this living environment, until his father realized the verbal abuse, physical abuse, and extreme neglect that was occurring.

When Tom came to the Children’s Home of Stockton he been relentlessly abused, neglected, a brutally traumatized. Tom was extremely quiet, shy, and scared to be here in placement in such an unfamiliar setting. It took Tom approximately two weeks to respond to anybody with more than just a one word answer. While working through his treatment program with our residential staff and clinicians, Tom was able to learn what healthy relationships look like, how to trust adults, what his individual strengths are, and how to communicate effectively. Tom successfully graduated our program at eighteen years of age exuding confidence, demonstrating open and honest communication, and acting a role model and leader amongst all of our students.