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Mark’s Success Story 2017

Mark arrived at Children’s Home of Stockton in February 2014. Coming from a background of multi-generational abuse, Mark faced a myriad of challenges related to empathy, anger, impulsivity and self-esteem. In addition to the challenges of treatment, he would often struggle with academics. But as a result of his perseverance and steady progress at Alpine Cottage, Mark was transferred to Redwood Cottage in the summer of 2016 to further prepare him for life as a young adult.

During his stay at Redwood, staff worked tirelessly to ensure he remained focused on his treatment program and academic goals. As graduation drew nearer, Mark described feelings of anxiety that many soon-to-be graduates experience. And like many teenagers, this anxiety would often manifest as procrastination, which in turn caused much frustration for his family. However, it soon became clear that Mark’s key to avoiding delays had much to do with the tireless support and encouragement of his Grandparents. Their connection was palpable and, as far as Mark was concerned, disappointing them was not an option.

By spring 2017, Mark had successfully completed all treatment requirements, obtained his High School Diploma, and was the proud recipient of a $2,000 emancipation award. Since graduating, he has pursued his passion for cars and his dream of becoming an auto mechanic. It is worth noting that, despite his unique set of challenges, he was not one to dwell on his weaknesses or seek pity from others. Mark is living proof that past is not necessarily prologue, that positive change is possible, and that goals are most certainly achievable with the help of caring professionals, loved ones, and a healthy dose of determination.