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Justin’s Success Story

Justin came to the Children’s Home of Stockton (CHS) when he was 15 years old. Due to his history of gang involvement and drug abuse, Justin had a lot of changes to make in his life before transitioning back home. Before placement at CHS, Justin had learned to cope with stress and disappointment by self-medicating. Instead, he had to learn how to tackle these emotions head-on. He struggled with a relapse, but by the end of the program he had graduated from the Substance Abuse Counseling Program, remained abstinent, and resolved to be abstinent when he returned home. Over the course of his treatment he also learned to communicate his thoughts and feelings appropriately, develop empathy for others, effectively manage his anger, and improve his relationship with his adoptive parents. Justin showed dedication to his treatment, school, and relationships. He demonstrated responsibility and maturity on a daily basis. Justin was able to work and earn money in the Vocational Program, and when he left he was eager to continue working close to home. On the cottage Justin served others without being asked and asked for nothing in return. He became a role model for his peers, as he achieved the highest phase in his treatment program. He would intervene when his peers were upset and offer them support and encouragement. He came to recognize how the decisions he made in the present were impacted by the choices he had made in the past, so he was able to break the cycle of negative behaviors. After a 14 month stay, Justin successfully graduated from the program and returned to his family and public high school.