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Delta Success Story 2017

Anger Transforms Into Success

William arrived at CHS like many of our students without an extra set of clothing and a look of mistrust. Although, he was only 16 years old, he was the size of a college linebacker and he appeared equally as fit. He knew he was big and he was very much aware of how his size affected others. William and his other siblings suffered abuse at the hands of a sadistic stepfather who frequently tortured and brutalized them. His biological father struggled with drug abuse and anger management issues and was not available to appropriately support his children. His bio-mother was also involved in drugs and she was also a victim of this man’s abuse. William learned very quickly that in this environment you are either a victim or a perpetrator and he chose to be the latter.

William did not trust adults and especially women. Although, he was physically and emotionally abused by a man, he learned to disrespect women. He learned by watching the adult male role models treat women with disdain and disrespect; and he also learned that the women in his life could not keep him safe from abusive men. He struggled for months trying to learn new skills to control and cope with his anger. He had to change his way of thinking and the beliefs that justified many of his inappropriate behaviors. He finally realized that he had to address his issues as a victim and what affect the abuse had on his emotional and psychological development. He had to place the responsibility of his pain and suffering on his abuser and accept responsibility for his own feelings and behavior.

William started to trust his staff (primarily female) and the program. Once he was able to understand his own victimization, and how he acted out those feelings on his environment, was he able to develop the intrinsic motivation for change. William graduated the Delta Cottage Program on the highest achievable level. His father was fully back in his life with a very supportive and strong stepmother. It helped a great deal for William to witness his father accept responsibility for his past indiscretions and shortcomings.

William left CHS with a 3.85 G.P.A. and graduated with a high school diploma. He enrolled in his local Junior College and is participated in the Independent Living Work Program provided by his home county. He received a $1,000.00 Graduation Award and $500 Educational Scholarship Award provided by the CHS Auxiliary Board to assist in his transition back home and to further his education. At the CHS Non Public School Award Ceremony, he received the Academic Achievement Award and Vocational Achievement Award which both included a substantial monetary award. He was also able to establish a substantial savings while working on grounds at CHS.

William recognized the healthy supportive environment at Children’s Home of Stockton and took advantage of all that was offered. Like so many children before him, congratulations William you turned your anger into success!